Genshin Impact – The Chasm World Quest Millennial Mountains

One of Genshin Impact‘s longer World Quests, but not as long as Chasm Delvers, is the Millennial Mountains quest chain. You’ll traverse all over The Chasm’s overworld terrain, and even embark on a sub-quest related to the Treasure Hunters. Please see the end of the article for a full list of rewards available at the end of the quest chain. That said, here’s how to find all locations of the required ceremonial offerings required to complete the Millennial Mountains quest.

How To Unlock

Talk to Wang who is standing in front of a ceremonial altar. He will then tell you to find six artifacts: the Flower of Farsight, the Skyfeather, the Sundial of Ages, the Cup of Commons, the Helm of Warding, and the Warrior’s Spear. He will give you the general location of each through an image. You’ll need to match the images up with locations on The Chasm’s map and then go to each area in order to recover the corresponding artifacts.

Wang's location circled in red
Wang’s location circled in red

Artifact Locations

Flower of Farsight

The Flower of Farsight resides on Cinnabar Cliff. Go to the very top of the cliff to find three Qingxin-looking flowers. There will be a man named Tang Wuchou standing next to them. Pick all three flowers, and one of them will be the Flower of Farsight. (This will also trigger another quest after defeating Tang Wuchou. It’s optional and you do not need to complete it to finish Millennial Mountains.)

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Author: Jenny Zheng