Archie Comics’ new NFT ‘writer’s room’ could be a fun role-playing experiment or a total ripoff

Silhouettes of generated NFT characters for Archieverse: Eclipse
Archie Comics

One of the most persistent cryptocurrency ideas I’ve encountered from crypto proponents like Chris Dixon is that it will let people collaboratively tell stories with non-fungible tokens (or NFTs) and then profit from their creative work. The actual attempts to do this have been underwhelming so far, often seeming to not really require NFTs or collapsing because the operators haven’t thought the details through. So I was intrigued by a new Archie Comics plan to create an NFT-based “writer’s room on the blockchain.” But after reading the details, I hope that’s not what the publisher is actually doing.

Archieverse: Eclipse is a comics tie-in pitched as “a near infinite storyline, created with fans.” Based on a press release and the…

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Author: Adi Robertson