The Iron Oath Overview Trailer Shows How To Manage Your Mercs

Tactics game The Iron Oath is bringing dark medieval fantasy to the turn-based genre, with an in-depth management system to recruit, train, and retain your band of mercenaries. A new GameSpot-exclusive trailer shows exactly how you’ll manage your mercs, and the consequences for poor leadership.

The lengthy trailer provides an overview of how you’ll manage your company of mercenaries, from seeing to your reputation and expenses to going drinking with your mercs. The story of The Iron Oath takes place over decades–enough time for your individual mercs to get old, retire, or die–so you’ll need to take a long-term approach to planning your squad’s fame and fortune. The trailer also shows some snippets of combat, which appears to take place on a hex grid that only appears when it needs to for movement or attack purposes.

The Iron Oath is a tactical RPG set in a medieval-inspired fantasy world, which we see in the trailer with spells and monsters alongside the swords and bows. You’ll need to plan your moves carefully in combat, of course, but you’ll also spend the time outside of combat making choices that impact your followers and the world at large, managing finances, navigating politics, and finding new recruits.

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Author: Steve Watts