Peacock’s new Queer as Folk reboot debuts this June

A man in a chainmail tank top dancing in a dimly-lit club alongside other partygoers.
Devin was as Brodie in Peacock’s Queer as Folk. | Peacock

When Russell T. Davies’ original Queer as Folk first premiered on Channel 4 back in 1999, it made a name for itself with its frank and often joyful depictions of queer lives with a particular focus on sex. Showtime’s 2000 adaptation led with a similar focus that established its spin on Queer as Folk as a cultural phenomenon and changed the landscape of American TV. Now, Peacock’s banking that the Queer as Folk brand still has enough of that old magic to make its upcoming reboot stand out in an era when networks and streaming services have long since come around to the idea of telling sexy stories about queer club goers.

Today, Peacock released a new teaser along with details and a series of images from Stephen Dunn’s Queer as Folk, a…

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Author: Charles Pulliam-Moore