New Northman Trailer Teases The Brutal Viking Revenge Story We’ve All Been Waiting For

One of 2022’s next big movies is The Northman starring Alexander Skarsgard. The latest trailer for it has arrived, and it looks quite impressive and unsettling at the same time with its extreme violence.

The Northman is an action movie in which Skarsgard plays a young Viking price seeking to avenge his father’s murder. As the new trailer teases, Skarsgard’s character, Amleth, is on the warpath and takes extreme and unsettling measures to exact revenge.

The trailer opens with a shirtless, shredded Skarsgard standing in front of a building, covered in blood, as his fellow soldiers light a house on fire. Screams come from within, offering a taste of the brutal violence that Skarsgard’s character employs. Another scene shows Amleth’s father (played by Ethan Hawke) getting beheaded by his uncle. This looks like a stomach-turning film.

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Author: Eddie Makuch