Dark Souls 3 Can Be Beaten Without Walking, Proves YouTuber

While the rest of us are out here trying to beat From Software’s latest game, Elden Ring, YouTuber Ymfah is beating other Souls games with self-imposed challenges. The content creator is known for his runs, all of which are outlandishly difficult, including a recent run of Dark Souls 3 in which he didn’t take a single step.

The 55-minute long run is a miracle to watch, filled with glitches and exploits that make the final Dark Souls game look simple. Of course, the first problem Ymfah encounters in the run is simply making it out of the starting area. Instead of moving around with a joystick, he slowly nudges himself forward by attacking with melee weapons. As for turning his character, the creator has to aim with a bow or lock-on to enemies.

If that sounds like a painful process, it is, though it gets worse. Eventually, there are ladders that players have to go up to access Dark Souls 3’s late-game areas, and climbing up or down a ladder would break the run’s rules. So instead of climbing the ladder–you know, like a chump–Ymfah executes a number of glitches that let him walk on air and through the game’s invisible walls. Using this, he’s able to bypass what is arguably the biggest roadblock in his run.

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Author: Otto Kratky