Valorant Character Killjoy Isn’t An NFT Fan, Riot Clarifies

The tech-savvy Killjoy, a character in Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant, was recently shown in a tweet enjoying a piece of NFT art, which raised some eyebrows among more than a few fans. Riot quickly deleted the tweet and has since issued an apology of sorts.

The tweet was made by the official German Valorant Twitter account as a way to highlight Killjoy’s hometown of Berlin and spotlight computer-generated art. According to Riot’s apology, the team didn’t realize that the artwork featured in the tweet, by artist Martin Houra, was an NFT.

“Since Killjoy loves programming, we wanted to introduce you to computer generated art from around the world,” a statement tweeted out by the German Valorant Twitter account reads. “However, we were not aware that the selected work was an NFT. In no way did we intend to include NFTs as part of Killjoy’s work and hobbies.”

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Author: Cameron Koch