Rainbow Six Extraction Archaeans Guide: All Enemies And Weak Points Explained

Ubisoft’s tactical PvE co-op shooter Rainbow Six Extraction is finally here. It blends the tight teamwork of Siege with a busy alien ecosystem of intimidating foes. You’ll have to take down a wide variety of dangerous Archaeans in order to succeed, and the best way to do that is to stay quiet and out of sight. Here is every type of Archaean enemy and their various weak points in Rainbow Six Extraction.


Nests are potential spawn points for more Archaeans, which are located around each section of the map. The nests can be located on the floor, ceiling, and walls, so it’s important to keep your eyes open to take them down. Nests can be either destroyed using melee takedowns or by shooting them, neither of which will awaken the nests. Nests will awaken if an Archaean notices you and lets out its alarming shriek, after which nests will continuously spawn more enemies until destroyed.


The lowest-tier enemy in Rainbow Six Extraction, Grunts will use melee attacks against operators if they see them. The Grunts are visually distinct from other enemies because of their arms, which are just giant spikes. A Grunt’s weak point is their head, which can be used to take them down quickly and silently if you’re using a silenced weapon. Every weapon in the game can one-shot kill Grunts if shot in the head.

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Author: James Carr