Watch Dogs Fashion Line Will Dress You Up As A Boring-But-Stylish Hacker

If you’re looking to do some quick cosplay as the least-interesting character in Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs series, then fashion brand SuperGroupies has you covered. The company is releasing a watch, coat, bag, and wallet that has been inspired by the vigilante fashion of Watch Dogs’ first protagonist, Aiden Pearce, with preorders opening up from today and until February 6.

The main piece of this ensemble, a $230 coat, is modeled after the one used in-game by Aiden Pearce and stylized for daily use. It also comes with a black mask cover imitating Aiden’s neckwarmer scarf that doubles as a hacktivist disguise. Don’t do crime though; that’s strictly illegal stuff.

Gotta look hacktastic
Gotta look hacktastic

Moving on to the accessories, you can keep time with a $220 chronograph watch that has a black and white view of Chicago from the ctOS on the main dial and an “Everything is Under CTRL” metallic inscription. The 60-minute and 60-second chronograph counters also sport a DedSec logo-inspired ASCII art skull emblem and the Fox symbol respectively.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys