The Best Skills And Occupations In Project Zomboid

Any run in Project Zomboid begins with players creating their character, who will either become a grizzled survivalist or another member of the undead horde. Either way, the game offers up a buffet of options for actually creating your character. It all starts with picking an occupation and some skills, which will determine the beginning of your run and potentially dictate it until the day your character passes. These are some of the best occupations and skills you can pick in Project Zomboid.

After creating your character in Project Zomboid you’ll have to survive the game’s first days. Thankfully, we have a guide on how to live through the game’s first night.

Project Zomboid’s best occupations


Unemployed is the most flexible occupation in Project Zomboid
Unemployed is the most flexible occupation in Project Zomboid

Paradoxical as it may sound, one of the best occupations to give your character in Project Zomboid is none at all. As an unemployed member of society, your character is pretty much a blank slate. You can do whatever you want with them and the eight skill points you’re free to spend from the get-go. Make a character who can fish and cook, hotwire cars and build walls, it doesn’t really matter. Unemployed characters are the best for anyone looking to make a character all their own.

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Author: Otto Kratky