Dungeons & Dragons Tiamat Miniature Is Now Available Unpainted, Get Your Brushes Ready

Last month, WizKids released its largest miniature to date: the Gargantuan Tiamat. This “mini” for your D&D games is over a foot tall and has a two-foot wingspan. Needless to say, it is gigantic–or even gargantuan–and is a beautiful centerpiece for your D&D setup. Now, a month after its release, WizKids has announced an unpainted version Tiamat, in case you’re looking for a larger undertaking.

Coming in February is this massive, unpainted beast. It’s exactly like the Tiamat released last month, but with no paint on it. Luckily, it’s primed, so you can get right into it if you please. WizKids sent GameSpot an unpainted Tiamat to check out, and you can see a few pictures below, compared to the painted Tiamat.

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There is a little assembly for the statue, as the two wings and tail have to be attached. However, keeping them disassembled while you paint is probably the way to go for this, as it is a massive undertaking. Just make sure you don’t fully-attach the wings then try to take them off, as this will damage the figure. While the painted version of this mini costs $400, the MSRP of the unpainted Tiamat will be $350. It’s $50 cheaper, and you get a fun activity out of it–one that will take a long time to complete.

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Author: Mat Elfring