Sony Files Patent That Could Help Backwards Compatibility On PS5

A new patent, filed by Sony with PS5 lead designer Mark Cerny as one of its inventors, might give an indication of improvements coming to the console’s backwards compatibility.

The new patent, filed last year but approved this month, makes specific mention of backward compatibility, with the patent detailing a solution that allows current console hardware to mimic older ones to accurately run games. Processing clock speeds can often make games designed for slower hardware does not function at all, so being able to dynamically change this for the application in question seems useful.

This patent isn’t detailing an entirely new solution, however, with Sony and Cerny having filed similar patents with similar use cases as in 2017 (as indicated by the related patents section in the filing). This patent is, however, the first to make specific mention of alternative frequencies for applications, with some lines in the filing making the differentiation between newer, more powerful hardware and slower revisions.

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Author: Alessandro Barbosa