Logan Paul Spent $3.5 Million On Fake Pokemon Cards

If you’ve ever felt bad about making a terrible investment, rest assured it couldn’t possibly be as terrible as the one Logan Paul recently made. Less than a month after the YouTuber-turned-boxer made headlines for purchasing the “only known sealed box of first-edition base set Pokemon cards” for a staggering $3.5 million, Paul has revealed he was scammed.

Following speculation online regarding the authenticity of the cards, Paul decided to film an unboxing video for his channel, inviting a well-known trading card authenticator to assist him in verifying the validity of the cards. Despite the authenticator assuring Paul the boxes looked indisputably official back when he first came into contact with them last March, the pair–along with a few of Paul’s friends–opened a box to reveal several cases of wrapped Pokemon card packs that had obviously been tampered with.

Spirits at an all time low, the group then decided to open up a box, after which it was revealed the contents were not Pokemon cards at all, but rather piles of GI Joe trading cards stuffed into Pokemon-themed boxes.

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Author: Jessica Howard