Fortnite Week 6 Challenges (Chapter 3 Season 1): Tornadoes, Flare Guns, Tents, And More

Fortnite Week 6 has begun! As of Thursday, January 13 at 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET there are now seven new challenges and 175,000 XP waiting for you on Artemis Island. This week’s list includes some of the newest additions to the island–most notably the new weather mechanics–as well as some environmental tasks. Check out the full list of Fortnite Week 6 challenges below.

Fortnite challenges – Week 6

As usual, the new weekly quests are listed in the Seasonal Quests tab, viewable in-game and while in the lobby. Each one is with 25,000 XP and they can be completed in whichever order tickles your Fortnite fancy. Here’s how they’re shown in-game, followed by tips on completing each of them:

  • Travel 100 meters while flying around a tornado – 25,000 XP
  • Damage an opponent within 45 seconds of hiding in tall grass – 25,000 XP
  • Purchase a random item from a Malfunctioning Vending Machine – 25,000 XP
  • Destroy Timber Pines stumps with a melee or ranged weapon (3) – 25,000 XP
  • Recover health by resting in a tent (30) – 25,000 XP
  • Mark an enemy player using a Flare Gun – 25,000 XP
  • Honk a car horn within 10 meters of an opponent – 25,000 XP

Traveling 100 meters while flying around a tornado is pretty straightforward: Find a randomly generated tornado, jump into it, and fly like the wind, Bullseye. Doing your best Dorothy impression for 100 meters will get you the 25,000 experience, but should you get knocked out of the tornado early any distance you did travel will be registered, meaning the next tornado will need less travel in order to complete the quest.

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Author: Jason Fanelli