Elijah Wood Recalls Sean Astin’s Bloody Lord Of The Rings Injury: “This Is F**king Crazy”

Actor Elijah Wood has spoken more about the day his Lord of the Rings co-star Sean Astin sustained a nasty foot injury in the process of filming the epic fantasy series many years ago. This has been covered before in the bonus features, but Wood shared a little more insight as to what happened that day and how he reacted.

Astin hurt his foot filming a pivotal scene at the end of Fellowship of the Ring. Frodo is leaving the Fellowship to embark on his own personal quest to destroy the One Ring, but Sam finds him first and leaps into the water to go after him, even though he cannot swim. As it happens, the original scene had Sam saving Frodo, but director Peter Jackson flipped this around.

When Astin jumped into the water, he stepped on a branch in the water that punctured the bottom of his foot and “left a massive gash,” Wood told Esquire (via ScreenRant).

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Author: Eddie Makuch