Destiny 2’s Seasonal Artifact, Mods, And Orbs of Power Are Being Tweaked In The Witch Queen

Destiny 2’s upcoming Season 16 will see Orbs of Power generation, Masterworked armor fine-tuning, and Artifact mods tweaked. Artifacts, which are seasonal pieces of gear that can be used to add powerful perks to your Guardians, will no longer have a limit on the number of mods that can be unlocked. Traditionally, Artificacts have only allowed for Guardians to make use of 12 of the 25 available mods, but Bungie explained in its latest weekly blog post that this restriction was being removed.

Small adjustments to the number of experience points required to unlock Artifact mods will be made, although Bungie noted that the first 12 mod unlocks will still follow the same path as Season 15’s Artifact. For the next 13 unlocks, the XP required will steadily increase so that the order in which you’ll unlock perks will still be valuable. You’ll still be able to reset your Artifact if you change your mind, for a moderate amount of Glimmer.

As for the actual Artifact Mods, Bungie says that it’ll be bringing back a few favorite perks, such as anti-Champion mods, Anti-Barrier Scout Rifles and Bow abilities to knock down an Overload champion’s shields. A focus on the new Glaive weapon archetype coming in The Witch Queen in February, will be emphasized in the available mods.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys