PUBG Mobile Version 1.8 Update: Spider-Man Swings Into The Action

We’re beginning to think Spider-Man truly has No Way Home, as the webslinger is confirmed to be making another cameo, this time in PUBG Mobile as part of its Version 1.8 update.

Spidey will be appearing in the mobile battle royale from January 12 to February 14, with the update rolling out gradually to all users. The unique Spider-Man mode will let players team with the Marvel superhero as he battles monsters that pop up across the map. Special Spider-Man themed awards can be gained by helping the hero with the monsters, including a Web Shooter that can slow opponents down and a Spiderweb Ball–essentially a grenade of web shots.

The Spider-Man mode is one major part of the PUBG Mobile Version 1.8 update, another being the introduction of a new map called Aftermath. This mode takes place on a version of the Livik map decimated by both bombs and volcanos, and also features new gameplay mechanics like ziplines and Recall Towers that can bring fallen teammates back to the battle. The update also includes multiple bug fixes and smaller adjustments; the full list of changes coming in version 1.8 is below.

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Author: Jason Fanelli