Pokemon Legends Arceus Preorders Are Discounted At Amazon

Pokemon Legends: Arceus is just weeks away, and if you haven’t preordered your copy just yet, you’re in luck. Amazon is selling Pokemon Legends Arceus preorders for $55 right now. While not a huge discount, it’s still notable to get a brand-new Pokemon game for less than retail price–especially ahead of launch. There’s no telling how long Amazon’s discount will be available for, so you may want to snag one while you can.

Arceus takes place in Hisui, the previous name for the Sinnoh region, well before the mainline Pokemon series. Players will be tasked with roaming the world and catching Pokemon to compile the very first Pokedex. Though Arceus will retain the role-playing style of the mainline games, it’ll switch things up by featuring real-time action gameplay.

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Author: Steven Petite