Geico made the Portal ad we never asked for

Image: Geico

We’re still waiting on the Portal movie that’s apparently been years in the making, but if you must see Portal icon / villain GLaDOS in some sort of cinematic, there’s a new Geico ad you can watch right here or at the top of this post. Yes, you read that correctly — Geico actually made a Portal-themed ad featuring GLaDOS, and the insurance company even got voice actor Ellen McLain to reprise her role as the famous robot.

If you’ve seen any Geico ad featuring Martin the Gecko from the past many years (or perhaps forever, it feels like he’s always been a character I’m aware of), this ad will be familiar territory. Martin, armed with an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, makes a few quips (and of course mentions that it’s possible to…

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Author: Jay Peters