This Grip Is A Must-Have Nintendo Switch OLED Accessory

The Nintendo Switch OLED is the best version of the Switch hardware, but it doesn’t solve the problem that some users have: ergonomics. The Switch is a sleek handheld–perhaps a bit too sleek. The Joy-Con controllers and back panel of the console are flat, which can create some hand cramping issues, especially for those with large hands. That’s why, in my opinion, a quality grip that attaches to the Switch is one of the most important Switch accessories to buy. Since the Nintendo Switch OLED launched, I have purchased three different grips–none of them were particularly great. Now, one of our favorite Switch grip manufacturers has launched a new model that was designed with the Switch OLED in mind. Satisfye’s ZenGrip Pro 3 OLED works like a dream by adding handles that make holding the OLED model comparable to a conventional controller.

For those who have used the Satisfye ZenGrip Pro, the OLED model is essentially the same design. The console slides into the grip for a snug fit that is secure thanks to rubber tabs running alongside both sides. Critically, this grip is slightly larger to accommodate the Switch OLED’s very small size increase. That said, Satisfye designed the rubber tabs of this new model to also fit the original Switch.

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The ZenGrip Pro comes in white to match the Switch OLED’s white Joy-Con model. The back of the handles, which are black, have a rubbery textured feel to them for added comfort. Though sliding the Switch OLED into the grip takes a bit of force to get the proper fit, silicone ridges across the center of the grip prevent it from scratching the back of the console or Joy-Con controllers. I’ve removed the Switch from this grip plenty of times already, and no marks have been left on my device.

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Author: Steven Petite