Quantic Dream Is Reportedly Turning Its Dark Sorcerer Tech Demo Into A Full Game

Alongside the recently revealed Star Wars: Eclipse, French developer Quantic Dream is also reportedly working on a project related to its 2013 PlayStation 4 tech demo The Dark Sorcerer.

The report comes via Twitter user AccountNGT, who previously revealed details about Star Wars: Eclipse prior to its announcement at The Game Awards 2021. Those details were then corroborated by insider Tom Henderson, who has previously reported on Quantic Dream’s development woes in relation to Star Wars: Eclipse.

The Dark Sorcerer is a 12-minute long, joke-filled demo written and directed by Quantic Dream founder David Cage that served as a means of showcasing what was possible on the PS4 in real-time. At the time, the demo was stated to only be a concept and “not taken from a software title currently in development.”

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Author: Cameron Koch