The Anacrusis Aliens Guide: All Special Alien Types And Their Abilities

In The Anacrusis, you and up to three friends will have your hands full with dozens of aliens every time you step foot outside of the safe room. The most formidable of these extraterrestrial foes are the boss aliens. Given the game’s similarities to Left 4 Dead, you can think of these as special infected classes, although there’s not really an infection as far as we understand the story right now. But the analogy still works. Here’s a breakdown of all special alien types and what they’ll each be hitting you with in terms of abilities.

The Anacrusis aliens: Specials explained

There are five named Specials right now in The Anacrusis, with a mysterious sixth one being teased (we’ll get to that in a minute!) In Season 1 of the game, you’ll run into the following special aliens alongside the hordes of basic runner-type aliens:


The Brute is the tank-class Special aboard the Isolode. Its unmistakable size and penchant for charging straight for you will be hard to miss, and your best bet in taking one of these on is to keep your distance if possible. If you get stuck in a corner with one of these, hopefully you have a shotgun to blast it away quickly. If not, it’ll be tough to survive. Brutes also seem to be immune to your Pulse charge, but not things like Stasis Grenades, so use all available resources to take it on.

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Author: Mark Delaney