Dragon Age’s Thedas Just Stands For “The Dragon Age Setting”

Some stories from inside game development are fun little anecdotes about weird bugs or hidden Easter eggs. Every once in a while, one surfaces that for whatever reason completely blows our collective minds, and this Dragon Age story is definitely one of them: It seems Thedas, the Dragon Age setting, actually stands for “The Dragon Age Setting,” or “TheDAS.”

The fact first resurfaced via a tweet from Sam Sharma, a director for Bungie working on Destiny 2: “Ever since I’ve learned that Thedas stands for The Dragon Age Setting I’ve never been the same.”

As reactions poured in over that observation–from those learning about it for the first time to others who knew and relished in others finding out–lead writer and creator of Dragon Age David Gaider quoted the Tweet with some observations of his own, confirming that the name Thedas was indeed an abbreviation, and originally meant to be temporary.

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Author: Jason Fanelli