Smite Reveals New Game Mode And Gods Are Coming In Season Nine

Smite season nine is here and with it comes several major updates and additions to the “Battleground of the Gods.” Developer Hi Rez Studios elaborated on all these improvements add-ons earlier today during its Hi Rez Showcase, in which the studio outlined just some of what’s coming to the free-to-play MOBA throughout 2022. Among the announcements made during the showcase were the Slash game mode–Smite’s first new permanent mode in years–and a new deity for players to control: Shiva the Destroyer.

While just what Shiva’s role will be in Smite has yet to be confirmed, it seems likely the God could serve as more of a support character, using his auras to strengthen his team’s forces and resolve. Following the deity’s reveal, Hi Rez assured fans the team was working with consultants to ensure the Hindu god is depicted both accurately and respectfully in the game. Shiva joins Agni, Bakasura, Ganesha, Kali, Kumbhakarna, Rama, Ravana, and Vamana in the game’s Hindu pantheon this February.

However, eager fans do have something to look forward to today: Slash Mode. Alongside season nine comes Smite’s first, new permanent game mode in several years. Described by Hi Rez as a merge between its preexisting Siege and Clash modes, Slash mode features traditional tower, phoenix, and Titan objectives in addition to a jungle sized in between those of Siege and Clash.

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Author: Jessica Howard