Bungie To Honor Destiny 2 Players Who Are Rescuing Stranded Newbies

When Bungie launched Destiny 2‘s new Dares of Eternity activity as part of its 30th Anniversary celebration content, it made your first foray into the mode unavoidable. While that was a good way to toss existing players into the new mode to give them a chance to check it out, it had the unforeseen side effect of trapping “New Lights“–those new to Destiny 2–in Dares of Eternity, where they lacked the equipment to fight their way out.

Bungie acknowledged the problem on Twitter, once the news that New Lights were trapped in a space game show hell began circulating. However, while a fix for the Dares problem is in the works, it won’t be released immediately. The developer encouraged seasoned Destiny vets to do what some had already started to: equip crappy gear, jump into Dares of Eternity, and rescue the Guardians stuck there.

While a fix to keep New Lights from getting dropped into Dares of Eternity won’t hit the game until at least next week, the situation isn’t a total loss. Bungie said it also is working on a special emblem for players who take on Dares to save New Lights, as well as for the New Lights who need rescuing.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw