Halo Infinite Fracture: Tenrai Event Returns With Updated Rewards And Other Changes

Halo Infinite is kicking off the new year by bringing back the Fracture: Tenrai event for a limited time. The event returns today, January 4, and runs for a period of one week, ending January 11.

The new version of Fracture: Tenrai isn’t a carbon copy of the original, which was held for a week back in November. Based on feedback from the first run and developer 343’s own plans, the new version will let players make their way through 10 tiers (compared to 7 in the first run). 343 said it will still take multiple weeks to unlock everything in the Tenrai Event Pass (which is free), but the idea is to help “expedite progression for highly engaged players.”

Additionally, 343 said it understands people felt frustrated by having to grind through non-event related challenges or use Challenge Swaps to get an event challenge. As such, the studio changed the system so that players are guaranteed to make progress against at least one event challenge, assuming they haven’t already finished them all. “What this means is that Event Challenges have been tuned to appear in your Challenge rotation sooner and they will have a higher weekly cap (originally 7, now 10),” 343 said.

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Author: Eddie Makuch