Fortnite 19.01 Patch Notes (January 4) Introduce The Shield Keg

The Fortnite 19.01 patch for January 4 is now live, and the update brings a new way to shield your squad, the end of the holiday Winterfest event, and the melting of the snow that’s covered most of the map…revealing whatever may lie underneath.

Fortnite 19.01 Patch Notes – January 4

The major addition to the loot pool is the Shield Keg, a massive keg filled with shield-giving Slurp. The player with the keg sets it down to activate, and every teammate in the spray radius immediately gains Shield–with enough Slurp to fill everyone to full shield strength. However, any enemy in that radius also gains Shield, so be sure to use it only when no enemies are around. If you need a refresher, check out the 0:50 mark of the Chapter 3 Season 1 trailer from early December.

Shield Kegs can be found in Chest, Supply Drops, and floor loot, and one can also be purchased with gold bars from NPCs Lt. John Llama and The Scientist.

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Author: Jason Fanelli