What That Cobra Kai Season 4 Cliffhanger Means For Season 5 Of The Netflix Series

In a season filled with twists and turns, Cobra Kai Season 4 certainly saved the very best for last. We already know that the Netflix series has been renewed for a fifth season. Now, thankfully, we have a clue about what’s to come and it’s fair to say fans’ jaws were on the floor after that reveal.

Warning: The following contains spoils for the end of Cobra Kai Season 4. If you’ve yet to watch the newest season, you should definitely stop reading now.

The All Valley wasn’t everything we were hoping for as fans. Ultimately Cobra Kai walked away from the trophy, meaning–in theory–Daniel and Johnny are done teaching karate in the Valley. From there, a few interesting things happen, all of which lead to what will surely be a wild Season 5.

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Author: Chris E. Hayner