Samsung’s Family Hub smart fridge gets a colorful new look

Samsung’s Family Hub smart fridge will now be part of its colorful, customizable Bespoke line. | Image: Samsung

The smart fridge has long been the butt of many IoT-related memes, but Samsung is betting that maybe all smart fridges needed to nab a spot in your kitchen was a more colorful look. The company will show off its newest iteration of the smart fridge at CES 2022 next week, and while it still can’t reliably determine what food you need and automatically order it so you don’t even have to think about shopping, it can be a pretty shade of blue.

The Samsung Family Hub fridge is now a part of Samsung’s Bespoke appliance line. First introduced in 2021, the Bespoke range is a selection of modular, configurable appliances with a clean, modern look and customizable colors and finishes.

Image: Samsung

The Family Hub fridge…

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Author: Jennifer Pattison Tuohy