Best Of 2021: Hitman 3’s Berlin Level Is The Game’s Creative Carnage At Its Very Best

IO Interactive’s recent trilogy of Hitman games aren’t just a devilishly delightful collection of levels in which Agent 47 hones his talent for murdering billionaires and secret society socialites. They’re digital tourism, a trip around the world in 80 slays that hides secrets, opportunities, and macabre moments to make certain that karma catches up with people who think their wealth makes them untouchable by the long arm of the law. And one Hitman 3 level in particular stands out from the rest.

Every level is an intricate puzzle to solve, usually by seeing which method for finishing your target off works best. From Hitman’s sunny Sapienza to Hitman 2’s resplendent Isle of Sgail, it’s easy to lose yourself in the glitz, glamour, and grime of these locations spread across the globe.

And then there’s Berlin. On paper, a sandbox that is home to a secret warehouse rave, drug-smuggling bikers, and an impressive level of verticality is already ambitious stuff, but IO’s Interactive’s eye for detail turns that stage into a highlight reel for Agent 47 and his lethal talents.

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Author: Darryn Bonthuys