Dark Souls Tabletop RPG Game Announced

Steamforged Games, maker of the Dark Souls-themed board game and card game, has announced a forthcoming Darks Souls tabletop RPG game. Other available details are sparse right now–there’s no mention of whether it will adhere to a familiar system like DnD’s fifth edition (5E) or how it will adapt the Dark Souls storyline. Info like release date or price is also currently unknown.

Steamforged Games’ Dark Souls board game (currently sold out) was originally funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter in 2016. Eurogamer reviewed it positively, while Polygon had more mixed feelings about it, and considered it a “grueling slog” and “not very fun to play.”

Since the Darks Souls board game release, Steamforged has gone on to partner with other studios to adapt popular video games into board games, like Resident Evil 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Devil May Cry.

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Author: Jenny Zheng