Malagua Hidden Stash Location In Far Cry 6 – Trejo’s Tacos Mission

Ubisoft is celebrating the first Far Cry 6 crossover mission. Unlike other games, which have seen the likes of Star Wars, Marvel, and Batman come to their universes, Far Cry 6 gets Hollywood actor Danny Trejo. He and his now-signature machete are in Yara and free for all players, and if you take on his Special Operation, you can get some free Moneda, the earned-in-game currency, for locating the hidden stash. It’s tucked away pretty well in the thickly settled town of Malagua, though, so use our guide to find it and fill your pockets.

Far Cry 6: Malagua hidden stash

Like all Special Operations, the Danny Trejo mission takes you out of Yara and to a small, self-contained area. In this case, Danny and Dani head to Malagua to steal more of Anton Castillo’s PG-240X, a chemical weapon the despot plans to unleash on “fake Yarans.”

Here's where to find the hidden stash's key in Malagua.
Here’s where to find the hidden stash’s key in Malagua.

Once you arrive in Malagua, head northwest along the road until you get to the front of the town center. Special Operations missions deliberately give you no map and demand you find your own way, so a northwest bearing is key. Once you arrive, go past the town’s entrance sign and look under the covered area shown above. Amid the bodies of some victimized Yarans is a key on a blue lanyard. As always, you’ll need this key to open the stash.

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Author: Mark Delaney