How Long To Beat Grand Theft Auto Online: The Contract DLC

The Contract is the latest expansion to hit Grand Theft Auto Online, and unlike other content updates before it, it doesn’t require too much grinding. For the time being, players can access a smattering of Security Contracts and missions, along with one larger VIP Contract as part of the expansion. And because none of The Contract’s content requires more than one person to complete it, everything in the expansion can be beaten quickly, even if players are taking their time.

The Contract mission list

New content added to GTA Online as part of The Contract is split into three groups: Security Contracts, VIP Contracts, and missions, there are only a few examples of each. Security Contracts are easily replayable missions that range in difficulty from Professional to Specialist+, with payouts increasing depending on the difficulty. Missions largely tie in to the character VIP Contracts are based around and generally aren’t worth repeating due to their low payouts.

However, the lone VIP Contract added to GTA Online with this update is a great way for players to make a quick $1 million. VIP Contracts are structured similarly to Heists, having players perform three multi-part missions before tackling a final mission with a massive payout. Below are the names of all the jobs and missions players can take as part of The Contract:

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Author: Otto Kratky