Halo Infinite Skull Locations: How To Find All 12 Skulls

Halo Infinite has arrived, and while it changes a lot–like making multiplayer free-to-play and putting Master Chief in an open world setting for the first time–some things never change. Halo Skulls are back and once again set to tease players with their hard-to-reach hiding spots. 343 has really hidden the game’s Skulls well this time, thanks to the open world setting that allows the team to tuck the collectibles in some really obscure places. We’re still actively looking for all the Skulls in Halo Infinite and will update this guide once we find them all. In the meantime, here’s an explainer of what Skulls are and how to find them.

Halo Infinite Skulls – general tips

There are 12 Skulls in Halo Infinite, but it’s critical to note that five of them are found during campaign missions, in interiors that cannot be revisited. Since the game doesn’t yet allow you to replay campaign missions, this makes it extra important to find these well-hidden Skulls on your first pass–or else you’ll need to start a new game or wait for a patch that allows replaying missions.

Each Skull includes a gameplay modifier that can be toggled on or off once you’ve found its corresponding skull. These can be things that make the game harder, easier, or even affect things like the ambient dialogue you hear when exploring the open world of Zeta Halo.

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Author: Mark Delaney