Apex Legends Winter Express Mode: How It Works And Tips For Winning

One of Apex Legends‘ more popular limited-time modes, Winter Express, is back until December 28. The special mode pits three teams of three against each other on a modified version of World’s Edge, where the train is still running. The train is decked-out with holiday decorations and Mirage serves as the announcer for the mode. Here is how Winter Express works and some tips to give you an edge.

How Winter Express works

You can win the round by capturing the train or eliminating all enemies
You can win the round by capturing the train or eliminating all enemies

Winter Express works, in some ways, similar to the Arenas mode in Apex Legends. Three teams of three are competing to either capture the train by being the only team on it, or by eliminating all enemy players. Players do not respawn during rounds and, instead of going down, die instantly when they run out of health. The train is made up of three cars, the front and back both being enclosed with multiple doors and the middle car being open air.

Players pick their legend and then pick from one of fiveset loadouts to spawn in with. Each team spawns in on their own supply ship above the train and can drop in whenever they choose. The train objective unlocks at a certain point after stopping at its destination. Once a team either captures the train or kills all enemy players, the round ends and they earn a point. If the round goes on too long, the objective moves from the entire train to just the middle car, forcing a firefight.

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Author: James Carr