Company Of Heroes 3 Is Running A New Pre-Alpha From Tuesday

Company of Heroes 3 was announced earlier this year, with the reveal accompanied by a single-player pre-alpha preview. Now, developer Relic Entertainment is letting fans check out the real-time strategy game’s multiplayer for the first time, with a new pre-alpha preview beginning on November 30.

The latest entry in the long-running Company of Heroes franchise brings a new take on its World War II real-time strategy, with a new turn-based strategy element added to the mix. For more on how the game’s earliest public build played, check out GameSpot’s hands-on with the July pre-alpha.

The upcoming pre-alpha will let fans get stuck into the game’s multiplayer, testing out how the game’s new features can be used against other players. Some of Company of Heroes 3’s new features, like the Tactical Pause, are single-player only, so the multiplayer playtest will have some new challenges even for players who got to check out the game in July.

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Author: Hayley Williams