Master Chief Pees In His Suit And Smells Very Bad

Halo developers have shed new light on what Master Chief does when nature calls. As it turns out, he does not need to remove his suit to relieve himself–every bodily fluid goes into the suit.

Halo franchise director Frank O’Connor told Polygon that “everything that Chief secretes in a normal day” goes into the suit. It is then recycled as Master chief goes about his day.

“There’s a noninvasive physical connection beneath and part of the base layer,” O’Connor said. “Spartans do not wince when they suit up. Catheter implies invasion but really is used in the Mjolnir sense to describe a hygienic valve system. Thank goodness for 26th century supermaterials and bespoke tailoring. Capillary action happens after the voiding. Recycling is almost perfectly efficient.”

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Author: Eddie Makuch