DICE Outlines Major Updates And Changes Coming To Battlefield 2042

Battlefield 2024 has already attracted millions of players after its full release on November 19, but the multiplayer-only Battlefield title has also received a large number of negative reviews on Steam, currently sporting a “mostly negative” review score on the platform. Fans have expressed disappointment with a buggy launch and lack of legacy features, but today DICE has restated its commitment to the game, promising in a blog post that it will be “supporting and evolving it for years to come.”

The post gives a roadmap on planned updates and changes coming to Battlefield 2024, starting with Update #2, which is due to release on Thursday November 25. This update will be followed by an even larger Update #3 in early December, with DICE saying that a further update after this will hopefully release before the holidays as well. Further down the track, the studio will start revealing details about the game’s first season in 2022.

The developer also re-stated its committment to including various legacy features that aren’t present in the current version of the game, though it doesn’t currently have a timeline for these features. “End-of-match Scoreboard, Server Browser, and features like Voice Chat are big topics for us to cover all at once, and we have plenty we want to say around them,” the post reads. “We’ll come back to you when we have things that we can show to you, including details about our long-term vision for certain features and functions.”

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Author: Hayley Williams