Some New World Servers Are Time Traveling, And It’s Causing All Sorts Of Issues

Amazon Game Studios’ MMORPG New World recently received its biggest update to date. Unfortunately, it seems like that update is causing unforeseen problems, such as sending some servers hurtling forward through time.

As reported by various players on the game’s subreddit, certain servers are leaping forward weeks, or even months, in time. This causes all kinds of issues in-game. Settlement crafting stations will downgrade if taxes are not paid on a weekly basis, scheduled Wars for control of various territories will be missed, player-owned houses can’t be issued if upkeep isn’t maintained, and player posted auctions will go unsold.

New World servers affected by the time skipping are reportedly then being taken down for maintenance with little or no warning. They then will come back online, with the in-game clock appearing to have been reset to several hours before the time traveling took place.

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Author: Cameron Koch