PSA: Halo Infinite Campaign Cutscenes Have Leaked, So Enter Cryosleep

There is nothing worse than having a big new game spoiled for you before you can play it. Well, actually there are several things worse than that, but it’s still pretty bad. Unfortunately, campaign cutscenes for Halo Infinite have apparently leaked online. To avoid them, you best enter cryosleep and only wake when the game actually releases on December 8.

The Halo-focused Dexerto Spartans Twitter account posted a warning on November 21, saying that cutscenes for the campaign have begun leaking, though it didn’t actually spoil what these were if you are concerned about seeing the original tweet.

Given the high-profile nature of the game and the emphasis Halo has traditionally put on lore, it’s usually best to go in with nothing spoiled in a Halo game. This has applied all the way back to Halo 2, which made the surprising switch to the Arbiter as a playable character for more than half of the campaign.

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Author: Gabe Gurwin