In Marvel’s Avengers, Spider-Man And The New Raid Put A Premium On Teamwork

One of the things that really works about Marvel’s Avengers is the way it manages to drop a bunch of heroes into a single situation but makes them all feel unique and interesting to play. The addition of Spider-Man to the roster for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 players looks primed to further diversify the gameplay experiences, with an acrobatic playstyle that gives a team-based swing to the sorts of moves that have defined Spidey’s recent video game outings.

GameSpot recently got a hands-off look at Spider-Man gameplay in Avengers, as well as a preview of Avengers’ first raid, Discordant Sound, mostly focused on just how you’ll handle the game’s big, enemy-filled fights while donning the Webslinger’s mask. As one might expect, fighting as Spidey is, in fact, all about web-slinging–his webs are central to his combat style, and it looks as though he’ll excel best when he’s able to web up and shut down enemies so the rest of the Avengers can wail on them.

In the demo we saw, which put Spider-Man in a handful of combat scenarios against Avengers’ various enemies, the big focus of his moves were on the judicious use of his webs. Web actually serves as a new status effect that only Spider-Man can dish out to enemies, filling a “web’ meter on them as he hits them with various web attacks. When the meter is filled, the enemy is completely tied up by webs–while they’re webbed, enemies can’t attack, and also receive additional damage. That allows you to fight as Spider-Man in much the same way as in the other recent Spidey games, where you can judiciously take some members of a group of foes out of the battle by webbing them up.

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Author: Phil Hornshaw