Apex Legends Doesn’t Need PvE Elements In Its Battle Royale

Apex Legends Season 11: Escape is well underway, bringing with it some new gameplay changes and elements. Season 11 adds playable legend Ash, the C.A.R. SMG, and a new map, Storm Point. Storm Point boasts a tropical environment and brings with it more PvE elements, which unfortunately don’t add much value to the primarily PvP-driven battle royale.

Apex Legends has dabbled with PvE elements in the past, with the Bloodhound’s Trials point of interest on World’s Edge and Season 5’s Quest missions, however, Storm Point features multiple areas across the map with mobs to fight, the first map to ever do so. The problem with these PvE encounters is that the rewards are not worth the time required nor are they challenging enough to actually be meaningfully engaging. In its current state, Apex Legends doesn’t need more PvE elements.

Across Storm Point, you can encounter packs of prowlers or spider nests, where a group of either enemy can attack you. Prowlers pursue you and attempt to bite you, while spiders only partially close the distance before shooting you with webs. As neither of these enemy groups ever changes up their strategy, it results in repetitive encounters that aren’t much more than a boring shooting gallery. The spiders die quick enough, but the prowlers can be bullet sponges, wasting full clips of ammo if you don’t have a magazine attachment. And the rewards you get for fending them off don’t exactly make up for it.

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Author: James Carr