Wheel Of Time’s Rosamund Pike And Daniel Henney Bonded Over A Sword Fight Mishap That Led To A Hospital Trip

Amazon’s adaptation of The Wheel of Time series premieres this Friday, meaning fans can finally see some of their favorite characters come to life for the first time. Actors Rosamund Pike and Daniel Henney portray Moiraine and her Warder Lan–something that had been a dream for Henney–in the fantasy epic, who share a magical bond that grants them special abilities.

Speaking to the press about the upcoming show, Pike and Henney talked about their characters, and how they quickly bonded in real life because of a mishap with a sword while filming a pivotal scene.

“I use a real sword because the weight throws me off if I use a fake one,” Henney admitted. “I slashed her hand and we went to the emergency room because we thought her hand was broken and thought we had to shut down production and so that was how we bonded.”

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Author: Lan Pitts