The Halo Infinite Xbox Series X Console Has A Hidden Surprise Under Black Light

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo, Microsoft released a special-edition Xbox Series X console themed around the sci-fi franchise. With the units now appearing in the wild, people are making new discoveries about the console–and it’s hiding an Easter egg.

As shared by Demon_King_Lamb on Reddit (via The Verge), the Halo Infinite Series X console is hiding a Zeta Halo symbol that is revealed when the console is put under black or UV light. What was already a slick-looking console gets even better to make the console look like a starry night. How beautiful.

The 20th anniversary Xbox controller, meanwhile, is also hiding a surprise. As a video shows, shining a black light on the controller’s packaging reveals a flash of the original Xbox’s Duke controller.

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Author: Eddie Makuch