New World Into The Void Update: Full Patch Notes

New World’s first major content update is here, and it’s a doozy. Alongside additional content, including a new weapon, the update addresses a number of pain points players have had with the game since launch, making this the most significant update for Amazon’s MMORPG yet.

Leading the charge is the introduction of the Void Gauntlet, a new Focus/Intelligence weapon that can serve a couple of different roles. Investing skill points into the Annihilation weapon mastery tree will make the Void Gauntlet a formidable close-range weapon, while focusing on the Decay tree puts the weapon into more of a support role, capable of debuffing enemies and bolstering allies.

The world of Aeternum does not have a particularly wide variety of enemies, but Amazon is beginning to remedy that situation with the introduction of a new enemy faction, the Varangian Knights. These warriors are invading the southeastern region of Aeternum for reasons unknown, but it’s clear the enemy faction is up to no good. New enemy types for many of New World’s existing enemy factions are coming with the update as well.

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Author: Cameron Koch