Michael Keaton Confirms Return As Spider-Man Villain Vulture

Michael Keaton, by his own admission, doesn’t know a thing about comic books. But he’s built his career in part playing some of our favorite heroes and villains. We already know he’s returning as Batman in the upcoming Flash movie, and now the actor has confirmed that he’s suiting up again as the Spider-Man nemesis Vulture in an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Hop in around 13:00 to get right to the comic book stuff. Keaton talks about Batman and Spider-Man alike in the interview. Keaton describes Vulture as “really a fun character” while relating an anecdote that shows just how little comic book lore sticks to his brain before revealing that he’s not just still playing Vulture, he’s playing the character right now.

“I’m shooting tomorrow–I’m shooting Vulture stuff,” Keaton told Kimmel. When Kimmel asked for additional details, though, Keaton simply said “Vulture stuff.”

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Author: Eric Frederiksen