Halo Infinite Player Immortalizes Grenade Trickshot In Epic Cinematic

Even though Halo Infinite has only been out a few days, players are already using the game’s arsenal of weapons to make some impressive kills. This mini-movie from Redditor u/izbene shows the player managing to bounce a plasma grenade through the map, where it eventually sticks on an enemy in the next room.

Beyond the kill itself, you have to respect the commitment to the moment: the moving soundtrack, the slow-mo footage, the multiple camera angles, the vanquished player’s body colliding head-first with the wall. The clip then finishes with the full kill from the player’s perspective, which is slightly less dramatic until the Hail Mary medal pops up.

If you’re struggling to make your own epic kills in Halo Infinite, check out our beginner’s guide to mastering the game’s multiplayer combat–including the three different types of grenades players can add to their arsenal.

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Author: Hayley Williams