Halo Infinite Bug Makes The Warthog Adorably Tiny

While most of the vehicle-related bugs popping up on social media lately have been from Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy, it turns out Halo Infinite‘s iconic Warthog also has a couple of issues of its own. Since Halo Infinite’s multiplayer released early for Xbox’s 20th Anniversary Celebration, some players have found that the vehicles in the game have a tendency to unexpectedly downsize.

Videos of the Warthog glitch have popped up on social media, showing a vehicle that looks like a child-sized toy. When players interact with the miniature vehicle, they seem to shrink down to then drive the mini-Warthog around the map.

In one version of the glitch posted to Twitter, the gun mounted on the back of the vehicle remains full-sized, while the Warthog itself is sized down.

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Author: Hayley Williams