Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sheds New Light On An Old Franchise

With Ghostbusters: Afterlife hitting theaters, the franchise is getting a fresh coat of paint as it attempts to endear itself to a new generation of fans. Unlike 2016’s Ghostbusters: Answer the Call, Afterlife is going after a younger audience. And while it still makes sure to touch on the hits that longtime fans will be looking for, they aren’t necessarily the original targets.

Instead, new characters are introduced and become the avatars for an audience not raised on a steady diet of the first two films. The end result is a look at a decades-old franchise through a fresh set of eyes that can hopefully continue on in future films.

“For a new audience, the characters who are carrying us on this adventure are just like them in a process of discovery,’ co-writer Gil Kenan told GameSpot. “And so I think, as long as we had Phoebe and Trevor and Podcast and Lucky to tell this story with, that we felt like this was not a mechanical process of balancing, past and present and future, but a sort of organic narrative storytelling process.”

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Author: Chris E. Hayner