How To Level Up The Halo Infinite Battle Pass

Halo Infinite has dropped in just in time for the holidays. The multiplayer beta surprise-launched on November 15, the 20th anniversary of Xbox and Halo: Combat Evolved, and it was a hit right away, soaring to the top of the charts on Steam, Twitch, and presumably Xbox. However, the battle pass progression system has become the focus of the conversation surrounding the game. Despite its silky smooth mechanics and fun maps and modes, players are finding it hard to level up their Halo Infinite Season 1 battle pass. That’s because it works a bit differently than battle passes commonly do in other games. Here’s what you need to know about how to level up your battle pass in Halo Infinite.

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How the battle pass works

All players have access to a limited version of the battle pass by default. Certain rewards are available to anyone by leveling it up, but purchasing the battle pass (available for 1,000 Credits or about $10) will allow you to unlock all available rewards and help you to rank up more quickly, both by granting XP boosts and by giving you an additional weekly challenge slot.

It’s important to know the battle pass never expires. New ones will be released in the future, and you’ll be limited to only working on progressing one at a time, but you’ll never find yourself locked out of a battle pass and its rewards that you paid for. (The exception is the limited-time event battle passes, which are available for free; we’ll get into those later.)

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Author: Chris Pereira